5 Ways to Love Your Home Again!

It doesn’t matter if you’ve lived in your home for one year or ten years, it can start to feel stale over time. Worst of all, the home you once loved can actually turn into something you hate. And since you can’t purchase a new home as often as you’d like, work with what you have and learn how to love your home again!



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Get Control of Clutter

In the hustle and bustle of daily life, it’s very easy for your home to become a repository for junk. Living in a house that is cluttered and messy can make you detest the space. For this reason, be proactive in clearing out the clutter so that you can fall in love with your home once more!

  • Throw away old newspapers, magazines, and broken items.
  • Organize bookshelves and remove unwanted items.
  • Donate items that you don’t love, such as an old vase or chipped mirror.
  • Put everything where it belongs, such as toys in the playroom and toiletries in the bathroom.
  • Reduce the number of knickknacks you have by storing them or donating to charity.
  • Purge all exercise equipment from shared living spaces. If it looks and smells like a gym, chances are you’re going to hate it.

Short on time? Use the upcoming spring season to get clutter under control!


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Reinvent a Hated Room

You might not have the time or budget to makeover your entire home, but you can hone in on a hated room and turn the tables on it! Do you simply despise your guest bathroom? Or does the master bedroom make you want to sleep on the sofa? No matter which room you detest, making a small investment to reinvigorate it can pay off big.  Reignite your passion with a room makeover so you can love your home day in and day out!

  • Freshen up the space with a new color of paint or wallpaper.
  • Reconsider, or even replace, any furniture that you don’t love.
  • Add depths of character to the space with an antique piece of furniture.
  • Replace outdated artwork with something that inspires you, such as an abstract artwork.
  • Hang decorative mirrors to add charm and a modern element. Plus, mirrors make the room look bigger.
  • Choose one accent color to add vibrancy to the space, such as a brilliant turquoise that can be represented with accessories like a cable-knit throw blanket or wall sconce.
  • Go “shopping” in another room to add a new element to this space without having to swipe your credit card.


Brighten Up Your Lighting

Most homeowners simply don’t realize just how important lighting is when it comes to their home. Poor lighting can make even the brightest room look dull and drab. Contrastingly,  too much lighting can also have a counterproductive effect. Strike a subtle balance to create just the right ambiance with your lighting so that love will loom large in your home!

Choose lighting that can be used individually, or even simultaneously, to create any atmosphere you desire.

  • Overhead Lighting – Use dimmers to customize your level of brightness as needed.
  • Natural Lighting – Install drapery hooks and add tiebacks to curtains to capitalize on those golden rays of sunshine during daylight hours.
  • Ambient Lighting – A chandelier, for example, can add a certain warmth to your space and is usually the most utilized for just that reason.
  •  Decorative Lighting – Small lamps add a remarkable glow and intimacy to any space.
  • Candle Lighting – Candles are lowlight solutions that add style, color, fragrance and an unforgettable glow to any space.  Arrange candles in groups alongside a coffee table or end table.

Image Credit: Pixabay


It’s the Little Things

Does love really conquer all? Well, it does when it comes to learning how to love your home again! As Oprah Winfrey once said, “Love is in the details”.  It really is those little details that can make such a big difference.  And it’s when you add memorable details to your house that it truly becomes a home!

  • Create a vignette – fill a wooden or mirrored tray with a few items that represent your style or personality. Cluster items like a glass vase, photo frame, and candle to create a signature look to define the space.
  • Fresh flowers – for a year-round pop of color and a delectable burst of fragrance, fresh flowers always deliver! Arrange seasonal blooms, paired with green foliage, in a rustic vase to achieve a memorable look.
  • Potted plants- bring the outdoors in, while improving air quality, with low-light houseplants. Place them in raised planters for a modern flair that elevates the space.
  • Colorful throw pillows- one of the easiest ways to add a touch of color to your space is with solid or patterned throw pillows. Select a variety of shapes and sizes to suit your desired taste.
  • Fluffy throw blanket- one of life’s most indulgent pleasures, there’s nothing like a cozy throw blanket to give your home a sense of warmth and belonging. Choose natural fibers to add a measure of richness and decadence. Drape it on the side of a chair or leave it folded on one side of an ottoman.
  • Family heirlooms- ultimately, it’s the little details that are personal to you or your family that will have the greatest impact. A family photo, your grandmother’s favorite vase or even that custom portrait your uncle painted; these are all unique and original details that tell your story.
  • Small wicker baskets- woven wicker baskets are a hot design trend that can be used to stow away essentials while still looking shabby chic. Available in a variety of sizes, larger ones can be used to hold additional throw blankets for when guests stop by.


Appreciate the Space

At the end of the day, it all boils down to this – be grateful for your home. It might not be a smart home, have all the latest gadgets or even a walk-in closet; but it’s all yours. Count your blessings for a sanctuary to call your own and, most importantly, to have the freedom to put your signature on it whether through interior design or even remodeling. Remember that home is where the heart is and yours is pretty great! Looking for additional ways to love your home?

  • Plant spring-flowering bulbs in the autumn so you’ll have a sweet surprise every time spring rolls around.
  • Repaint your fence.
  • Create a blueprint for an organic garden and plant it during the summer months.
  • Invite friends over for a get-together.
  • Redesign the front door with bold color paint and a handmade wreath.
  • Hang a family portrait in the living room.
  • Remind yourself why you fell in love with it in the first place; recapture that feeling by reminiscing.
  • Take some time to be grateful for your neighbors and the community surrounding your home.
  • & just make your home yours.

…the possibilities to love your home are endless!


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