Home Organization Isn't One Size Fits All.

Neither is Centriq. Just snap a picture of the appliances, electronics, and tools in your home.  We’ll add the user manuals, warranties, how-to-videos and more. Personalize and group all your information to make it as unique as your home.

Centriq is Powered by the World’s Largest Curated Collection of Home Appliance and Troubleshooting Support

Discover the fastest way to all the information you need to keep your home 

running smoothly and to solve problems cost-effectively


Centriq adds it for you.

Easy access to the specific user manual for your models.  Keep up to date with custom reminders.


Centriq finds them.

Find and order parts from 1000s of brands, often with free shipping.

How-To Videos+Troubleshooting

Centriq adds it for you.


Get the exact videos you need without wasting your time sifting through Google and YouTube.

Warranty Storage

Centriq stores the details. 

Keep track of your warranty information and maintain handy access to your manufacturer contact information for repairs.

Also, don’t miss our support knowledge base with topics ranging from the real cost of homeownership, or helpful how to articles such as: how to check the gasket on your front loading washing machine, how to descale a humidifier, cleaning gutters, or cleaning your microwave grease filter (did you even know that microwaves have filters?!?)

One Pic is All it Takes to Unleash Centriq

Nailer Dilemma

We figured out how to cut the boards to put up the crown moulding, but we couldn’t figure out how to put the nails in the nail gun.  The paper manual was missing several pages!  Enter Centriq.  We added the photo of the product label showing the model number, the nailer was instantly recognized, and a minute later we had the instructions to load the nails.  Thanks Centriq!!



Paint Color Coup

We were remodeling the bathroom and the contractor was ahead of schedule… ready to start painting.  My husband was ready to run to the store to get a can of paint, and thank goodness we had put the color in Centriq.  I was able to text him the entry with the swatch and color code, and he got the color that we needed with no guesswork!  Thanks Centriq!!” 


Save Time, Money
and Headaches

Centriq Beginner is FREE

While Centriq provides paid solutions for professionals and businesses like realtors, property managers, and home inspectors, that help them provide better service and value for their clients, the standard app is FREE to homeowners and non-professional app users. 

Add up to 5 items in Centriq Beginner.  Upgrade to add more, or you can still use the Free app for uploading and storing images, documents, receipts, and other personal content.


107,000,000+ Parts & Supplies
1,850,000+ Products
28,500+ Brands / Manufacturers
990,000+ Manuals & Documents
390,000+ How-to Videos

… and growing

Anytime, Anywhere, on Any Device.

iOS, Android, Mac & Windows so you can access what you need from anywhere, and anyway you like.


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