How to Change a Refrigerator Water Filter

Why Should I Change My Refrigerator Water Filter

If your fridge makes ice or has a water dispenser, it also has a water filter. If you care about keeping that water clean and pure, you need to change the filter on a regular basis. A water filter will stop doing its job once it expires, and so using an old water filter is like not having one at all. Changing your fridge water filter is an important step to keeping your drinking water fresh and clean and keeping your water and ice dispensers working properly.

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What Happens If I Don’t Change My Refrigerator Water Filter?

Not interested in changing your water filter? At best, you’re basically drinking the equivalent unfiltered tap water. At worst, you are tainting the water with unwanted germs that come from the buildup of bacteria in the old filter. Also, if you leave a filter too long it can also get clogged, which can reduce the efficiency of your water dispenser. For a ten minute task, it seems well-worth the time. If you forget to do it, you’ll probably survive.

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How often should I change my water filter?

Every six months is standard, but if you use your filter frequently, it may be more often. A typical filter can manage approximately 200 gallons, so a filter that is not used often can sometimes be stretched to last 12 months.

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  • 1. Locate your water filter.
    • The most common place is in the upper right interior of the fridge, otherwise there’s a good chance you can find it behind the grill at the bottom of your refrigerator.

      Check the instructions on your fridge to ensure that you don’t need to turn off the water. In most modern refrigerators, turning off the water flow is not needed.

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  • 2. Remove the filter cap if there is one.
    • Then remove the old filter by following the instructions that are typically shown on the filter case itself. You can discard the old filter. There may also be an “eject” button or a twist-off option to remove the filter effectively.

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  • 3. Attach the filter cap.
    • If you have a filter cap, attach it now. Do not throw away the filter cap.

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  • 4. Attach new filter to the refrigerator.
    • By twisting it in or “clicking” it into place with a clockwise turn.

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  • 5. Run water to clear the filter.
    • Run water for 20 minutes to get rid of all carbon debris in the new filter.

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