Centriq Helps Property Managers Save on Costs

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Achieve Tangible Results

Centriq is a product intelligence platform. It collects, analyzes and maintains information about products, appliances and systems in a home.


  • Save on work order costs
  • Shorten the time to resolve issues
  • Reduce site visits in person or by contractors
  • Easy access to repair and replacement parts

Centriq for Property Managers

Centriq for the Modern Property Manager

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Tenant Life with Centriq

Interview with top property manager, Tommy Chambers

“We’re reducing the costs of our repair calls, we’re reducing the number of visits from contractors to the properties,  we are gaining more transparency with our clients… Centriq takes a lot of the guesswork out of it. It keeps the contractors honest, we’re faster at coordinating repairs,  were reducing cost for landlords in big and small ways. But the main thing is we’re adding a lot of trust with these clients who are referring us business saying ‘this is a modern property manager that is taking good care of me, that I trust’, and that’s hard to find my industry.”


Accessing the world’s information about any product is as simple as snapping a photo of the label.


Once captured, the information enables new possibilities in property management.

“It takes us less than 10 minutes to add a whole home” – Thomas Chambers, Chambers Theory

Our use of Centriq has made us hands down the most effective property manager in our market—no one can deliver clients the value we can.


We’ve seen work order resolution times drop as much as 40% by having immediate access to the product spec and not having to hunt for the right parts. We’ve even been able to shift some tasks to tenant-self-service.

M. Thomas Chambers, CEO

Chambers Theory, Herndon, VA

Reduced Truck Rolls

Ensure every truck roll counts – by avoiding diagnostic trips, identifying end-of-lifed products, and instant access to warranty and recall information before the truck rolls.

Adding a fixed asset is easy

Snap a photo

Capture it during a service call, inspection or turn-over.

Have a tenants capture it

As part of a service request using our web capture (no download required).

Import using a spreadsheet

You may already have much of this info to get started,

Centriq is like CarFax for the home. It ensures we’re always working with the right information when it comes to anything appliance or equipment related.


We have been able to reduce truck rolls by being able to make quick, cost-effective decisions as soon as the service request comes in.

Frank Gerber, Partner

House Properties, Marin, CA

Any Device, Anywhere

Whether in the field or at the desk, Centriq is optimized to get the job done on any device.


Centriq for Property Management

  • Manage 4 or More Properties
  • Add up to 150 items per property. ($500 value)
    • Add anything in addition to the appliances, air conditioner, water heater, and furnace:
        • Track PAINT COLORS for touchups before the next move in.
        • Track flooring or carpet so that you can easily match and replace any damaged or worn areas.
        • Any small appliances that come with the unit.  Spare parts for the microwave or range hood can be easily accessed by the tenant without them even needing to call you.
        • Track maintenance reminders for tenants – When does the garbage go out? What day is street cleaning?
        • Have an easy place to store your contact information and other contacts using the Service Providers feature.
  • Add as many properties as you need to manage (value – $59.95/property)
  • MOVE ITEMS between properties.
  • PROPERTY TEMPLATES: Create a template property and duplicate it if you use the same materials and products over multiple properties.
  • SHARED ACCESS: Share access to each property with additional logins.  Anyone on your team, the owner, tenants, service technicians or other interested parties with different emails/logins. (value – $59.95/share)
  • Priority content and support. ($2 per item value)
  • Future additional features – as we continue to update and improve the app, newer features will only be available in higher level plans.

Tiered Pricing

Centriq for Property Management


Portfolio Size

(per unit)
SAVE 15%
(per unit)
SAVE 30%
(per unit)
1 to 20 Units11.95   8.9629.95   22.4699.95   74.96
21 to 100 Units9.95   7.4624.95   18.7183.95   62.96
101 to 500 Units7.95   5.9619.95   14.9666.95   50.21
501 to 2,000 Units 5.95   4.4614.95   11.2149.95   37.46

Manage more than 100 units in one building, or more than 2,000 units total? Contact us for customized pricing.

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107,130,000 + Parts & Supplies
1,865,000 + Products
30,000 + Brands / Manufacturers
1,028,000 + Manuals & Documents
396,000 + How-to Videos

… and growing

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