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Stop spending hours searching through endless search results and useless videos. Centriq connects you to all of the right information so you can get your stuff up and running again.

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Start with a picture of the product label or just type in the model number and Centriq automatically identifies the product.

Let’s find what you need. If we don’t have it, one of our experts will find it.

We have the how-to videos, owner’s manual, manufacturer & warranty information,
links to replacement parts, and more for everything you own.

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Centriq is Powered by the World’s Largest Curated Collection of Home Appliance and Troubleshooting Support

Discover the fastest way to all the information you need to keep your home 

running smoothly and to solve problems cost-effectively


Centriq adds it for you.

Easy access to the specific user manual for your models.  Keep up to date with custom reminders.


Centriq finds them.

Find and order parts from 1000s of brands, often with free shipping.

How-To Videos+Troubleshooting

Centriq adds it for you.


Get the exact videos you need without wasting your time sifting through Google and YouTube.

Warranty Storage

Centriq stores the details. 

Keep track of your warranty information and maintain handy access to your manufacturer contact information for repairs.

Anytime, Anywhere, on Any Device.

iOS, Android, Mac & Windows so you can access what you need from anywhere, and anyway you like.

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