Snap a Picture

Snap a pic of your home appliances, electronics, power tools… you name it. Anything with a model number. Centriq can automatically identify it.

Everything you Own, at Your Fingertips.

Centriq has already curated the most relevant info to help you use, maintain, and troubleshoot all the products in your home.

The Internet is a Messy Place, So is The Junk Drawer.

Problems don’t always happen when you have the manuals handy. And the last thing you want to do is waste days searching through Google, YouTube, or the dreaded junk drawer. You know the one. With Centriq, everything you need to manage your home is right at your fingertips

“This nifty app provides users with an owner’s manual for practically anything with an “on switch” in their home — appliances, electronics, furnaces, you name it. Just scan the model number of the product and the app will provide you with all sorts of useful stuff to make homeowner life just a tad easier.”

– Brit + Co

No More Part # Panic.

Looking for the right part for model #WHF123LDH129T648l? Centriq has the repair parts and consumables for 90% of all product models in the market. Purchase it directly from the app, often with same-day shipping. No need to panic, we’ve got it.

Keep Safe from Recalls

Half of all American homes contain a safety recalled product. Centriq searches for and notifies you of any recalls for added products and provides continuous 24/7 recall monitoring.

Home Maintenance on Autopilot

Everyone wants to protect the things they own. But life gets in the way and home maintenance isn’t always top of mind. Leave it to Centriq to remind you exactly what to do, when to do it, and even show you how.

The Power of Being Paperless

Organization is not a one size fits all matter. Keep track of what matters and stay organized your way. Receipts, warranties, service records; all stored right in the app.


  • How-to and fix-it
  • Explore features and tutorials
  • Add your own for future reference
  • Large Appliances
  • Small Appliances
  • Electronics
  • Home Heating & Cooling Systems
  • Powertools
  • Baby Gear & Toys
  • Cars / Recreational Vehicles
  • Anything that plugs in or uses a battery
  • Anything that has a brand name and a model number
  • Mobile
  • Web
  • Tablet
  • Snap a picture of the label
  • Snap a picture of the receipt
  • Search by make/model
  • Maintenance Items
  • Replacement Parts
  • Accessories and Add-ons
  • Manuals
  • Warranties
  • Quick Start Guides
  • Energy Usage Tables
  • Manufacturer support phone number and website
  • Safety Recalls
  • Warranty Recalls
  • Maintenance Reminder
  • Task Reminders
  • Receipts
  • Service records
  • Mortgage & Title Information
  • Written Notes
  • Photos
  • Jewelry
  • Firearms
  • Artwork
  • Books
  • Collectables
  • Anything you would like to keep organized

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