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Property has Items but Property Report was not Triggered

On some of the properties in your account, items were added from the home as part of the inspection, but the Centriq account was not transferred to the client.  Transferring the Centriq account  is the step that triggers the creation and sending of the property recall report.


This means that a property recall report was not sent for these inspections.


You can review the list of properties added in your account and their status by clicking here: https://app.mycentriq.com/pro/dashboard 
(sign in to your Centriq account with [email] if you are prompted to log in) 


Of course, we can’t know if this was intentional and the Centriq part of the service was canceled after you added the items into the account, or if these need to be reviewed and sent to your clients.


Here are your options to resolve the issue:


Send the Report:  If your client paid for the Premium or Prestige inspection and is expecting the recall report, you should review these properties and send the transfer through the app. 


Delete the Property: If you intended to cancel, you can delete the property from your Centriq account


This guide shows the step to complete either action: 





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