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Stay top of the mind

They’ll see your branding every time they use the app, for as long as you are a sponsor.

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Your contact info is handy for when your clients need to get in touch with you, or want to refer you to other potential customers.

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Any time you change your profile, all of your clients will see it automatically.

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Digitize the home

With just a few simple photos of the nameplates of the major appliances, Centriq will automatically get your customer the user manuals, parts & supplies, and how-to videos for free.

Add additional info

Centriq is the perfect repository for all sorts of household information – from building an inventory (just take photos of items from suits to jewelry to artwork) to keeping track of service providers, receipts and so much more!

Give your clients peace of mind

Having Centriq will make it easier for your clients to know that they are truly covered in their homes, and that they are on top of things that need to be taken care of. They can begin using Centriq right away.

Be remembered

If you become a paid sponsor of Centriq, your branding will appear on the menu screen. You’ll be seen any time your client uses the app, to ensure they remember you the next time they need help, or want to refer you to a friend. (See details below.)

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