Please read our Terms & Conditions:

  • Plan limits are total account item limits, and do not add to what you already have in your library.
  • Free and Residential plans are intended for residential household use only. Commercial applications should upgrade to a plan for Property Managers or other Real Estate Professionals. Contact support to help identify the right plan for you.  We reserve the right to cancel or remove plans that are found to use a residential plan in a way that is not intended for the app. For example, misuse would include (but is not limited to) creating excessive groups for different properties rather than upgrading to properly add multiple properties in the account.  
  • Annual plans are for a yearly renewing subscription.
  • Monthly plans renew once a month on the same day that you started your plan.
  • Risk free! Cancel any time.
  • Plans cannot be canceled and renewed again within a 12 month period. Please contact us if you cancel your plan and find that you need to renew.
  • Prices subject to change or update at any time.

Upgrading includes:

  • adding items and having content automatically added
  • recall monitoring for new items added in Centriq
  • the ability to add maintenance tasks for new items added in Centriq

Your subscription fee pays for our content service and automation.

About Centriq Pricing

Centriq pricing is based on the hard costs associated with the amount of information that we add for the products. When automation is not able to find the information, we also have a team of actual people who do the research and provide the parts, videos, documents, and manufacturing date for the items. A less expensive or free option does not provide the quantity or relevancy of information. Centriq may not be for everyone, and its certainly reasonable that you would use google searches and find the information on your own, however, we charge a premium for doing the work for you and the convenience.  Please reach out to our if you have futher questions or to find out if there are any discounts currently available.

On our Free Tier:

With any of our plans, paid or free, you can still use Centriq to add photos, videos, documents, receipts, notes, purchasing information and tasks in the “My” sections. Centriq can still be your one place for everything, we will just not be able to find product information for you without an upgraded plan.

Your Content is Yours

We extend the courtesy of allowing you to retain access to your account whether or not you maintain an active paid subscription If you choose not to re-subscribe, or you delay your subscription, you can still log in and access the information that you have added into Centriq. We reserve the right to evaluate your payment status prior to discontinuing your access to the account for all plans without limitation.

Review your Inventory:

Select “Export my Inventory” to receive a spreadsheet report of the items that are in your account. This report is for your entire account, not by property.

Other ways to get Centriq:

Talk to your property manager, real estate agent, or home inspector about how they can sign up for a Centriq for Professionals  plan and then provide it to you as part of their services.

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