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How Centriq helps Homeowners SAVE
hundreds of dollar$ a year!

  • Home Inventory – Know what you own – Be prepared for insurance claims if needed
  • Insurance Discounts – Add the systems and devices that can gain discounts from your insurance company
  • Know the Repair – Stop replacing what can be easily fixed
  • Saved Warranty Information – Stop repairing or replacing what is still under warranty
  • Know the Cost to Use – See when it is time to upgrade to higher efficiency appliances and systems
  • Safety Recall Checks – Avoid costly and dangerous hazards in the home


Manage up to 5 items in your home.

  • Get a sample of what Centriq can do. ($10 value)
  • Add your top 5 appliances and get manuals, how-to videos, and parts. 

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  • Just the essentials. ($30 value)
  • Your major appliances and systems, with room for a bit more.  
  • Yearly subscriptions only. 
  • Get the manuals, parts and how-to videos for up to 30 items. ($60 value)
  • Add your appliances, small appliances, electronics, and other items with an on switch, and experience the magic of Centriq.
  • Yearly subscriptions only.

Let yourself loose and add everything in your home. Build the perfect insurance inventory, and stay on top of home maintenance like an expert!

  • Add up to a total of 100 items. ($200 value)
  • Add anything –  from appliances to electric toothbrushes, computers to heating and cooling equipment, power tools to baby monitors. If it has a model number, add it to Centriq.

You’re the king of multiple castles. Maybe you have a vacation home, or you’re on-call for your parent’s home, or you just want the hundreds of workshop tools in Centriq too. With Genius you can:

  • Add unlimited items in up to three homes. ($500 value)
  • Share access to your account with up to 3 people different emails/logins. (value – $59.95/per share) Note: Users with shared access are limited to the number of items they can add in the app.  You must upgrade to a pro level plan to share without limtations. 
  • Add up to 3 different properties to your account. (value – $59.95 per property)
  • Request an attractive Property Insights Report whenever you need one (value – $49.00 per report)
  • Future additional features – as we continue to update and improve the app, newer features will only be available in higher level plans.
  • Priority content and support. ($2 per item value)
  • A total value of over $850! 

If you have more properties to manage, take a look at our commercial plans for property managers, realtors, and home inspectors.

Which plan is right for you?

Please read the fine print:

Plans are for a yearly renewing subscription.

Plan limits are total account item limits, and do not add to what you already have in your library.

Risk free!  Cancel any time.

Please contact to cancel your subscription or your account.

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How it works

We designed our plans and pricing very carefully based on our needs as a company as well as what we evaluated to be the needs of our users.  

If you choose not to upgrade, your account will stay the same as it is.  Continue to access your library and add your own content for free. You have already built your home library, which you get to keep. 

Upgrading includes: 

  • adding items and having content automatically added
  • recall monitoring for new items added in the app 
  • the ability to add maintenance tasks for new items added in the app  

Your subscription fee pays for our content service and automation. 

Your Content is still Free: With any of our plans, paid or free, you can still use the app to add photos, videos, documents, receipts, and notes. Centriq can still be your one place for everything, we will just not be able to find product information for you without an upgraded plan. 

Review your Inventory: Contact us to receive a report of the items that are currently in your account. 

Other ways to get the app: Talk to your property manager, real estate agent, or home inspector about how they can sign up for a Centriq for Professionals plan and then provide it to you as part of their services.  

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