Make your business stand out with the perfect addition to every listing.​

Add power to your negotiations with the all-important insights about the appliances and systems in a home.

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Real Estate is a Competitive Industry

Do you feel concerned about your ability to stay engaged with clients to gain referrals and repeat business?

Are you wondering how you can stand out amongst your peers?

Do you want your last buyer to call when he is ready to sell? Do you want your last seller to call you when she is ready to make her next purchase?

Would you like to give your clients the most effective closing gift on the market?

Do you want to provide value to your clients so that they remember the biggest transaction of their life with fondness?

Your brand on every page

The Recall Status Badge shows you right away if anything may be recalled.

Each item clearly displays its recall status with a badge

The Centriq software recognizes the item from a photo of the product label

From the serial number we calculate the age, warranty status and remaining useful life

For each item there is product support available in the Centriq mobile app

Each recalled product has a full page of recall details, with descriptions of the risk, incidents, remedies, and contact information of the manufacturer to easily resolve the recall.

Add anything you want. Paint, power tools, fixtures and more

With the Centriq Insights Report you’re adding important information to your listing materials, with virtually no additional effort.

Image of the actual appliance makes for easy recognition

Brand, model and serial number are all captured from the product label photo

Clear status for safety recalls as reported by the Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC)

Date of manufacture is often embedded in the serial number. This date in turn provides the age, and industry average Remaining Useful Life

For each brand and product type we maintain the typical warranty period

The Centriq mobile app contains even more information about each product, such as manuals, parts and instructional videos

  • Product age
  • Product warranty
  • Remaining useful life
  • Safety recall status
  • And more

All these insights into the appliances and heating and cooling systems in the home are valuable to the home owner, buyer and their agents.

The report is only the beginning

With the Centriq Product Insights Report your clients get tremendous insight into the home, but there is so much more.

When they get the Centriq app that comes along with it, they’re getting all the manuals, parts and accessories, and instructional videos on how to use, maintain and repair the items you added in the report—automagically without you having to do a thing.

The Centriq app also provides 24/7 safety recall monitoring, so your clients continue to be safe long after you’ve left.

The Centriq for Real Estate Pros System

Centriq for Real Estate Professionals is more than just a report.  We offer a full system to help you level up your business:

Sign up now and you get:

  • Instant access to include the Centriq Insights Report in your next listing.
  • THE ULTIMATE CLOSING GIFT – Deliver the digital user manual to the home and start their home inventory.  Your clients receive a year long subscription to the Centriq app with up to 100 items—the perfect start of their home insurance inventory.
  • Marketing materials.  Download an explainer brochure and other materials to help your clients understand the value of Centriq. We also add a sample property and report to your account so that you can easily show it to clients and realtors.
  • Training and Support.  Your account comes with a resources website and a dedicated support manager to help you get started using Centriq for your business.

Centriq for Real Estate Professionals

Top Producers Use Centrq

Centriq takes the Guesswork out of a New Home

Centriq – Everything for your Home in One Place

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Creating the Report is Simple


Create a Property

Add your listing in Centriq. Let your phone fill out the address by using your current location.


Add Products

Add products by taking a photos of the product label. No typing needed.


Send It

When you’ve added all the products, just send the home to your client.



Your client will get their Centriq Insights Report by email within a few hours.

Make the most of your time on site ...

You spend a lot of time waiting around at the property.  

Now you can make the most of it…

Do your own review of the appliances and systems in the home.  Next all you do is snap a photo of the product label and that’s it.

Centriq matches the photo to our database of 1.2 million products and fills in all remaining information about the products you add.

It’s the best way to distinguish yourself in your market, and Centriq makes an excellent closing gift.


Whether you are a real estate agent, a home organizer, a home stager, or other professional active in the real estate space, the Centriq Insights report can help you stand out. 


Don’t want to do it yourself?  Contact Us to find out if we have a certified Centriq Home Digitization pro in your area.

Whether you represent the buyer or the seller​

Listing Agents

Listing agents love the Centriq Insights Report because it provides potential buyers a clear picture of what’s in the house. The more clarity there is up front, the less negotiating follows.

Buyer Agents

Buyer’s agents love the Centriq Insights Report because it comes in handy for negotiating price when products are old or recalled. Plus it helps document exactly what was in the home so nothing gets swapped or disappears between walk-through and closing.

Home Buyers

Home buyers love the Centriq Insights Report because it allows them to

  • Understand in detail what is in the home
  • Know the age of the appliances and systems so they can budget for replacements
  • Know the home is safe, or that products have been recalled
  • Start their home inventory for insurance

Now More Than Ever

Open houses and multiple showings are out of the question due to  COVID-19. Virtual walk-throughs, detailed inspections, and the Centriq Insights Report provide the confidence a new home buyer needs to make the right decision.

It’s time you make it obvious
you’re the best

  • Deliver all the information your clients need to plan for current and future expenses.
  • Protect your clients and their home from the dangers of recalled products.
  • Get recognized for your outstanding thoroughness and attention to detail.


Try it free.
Get free reports for 30 days.

$30 per report thereafter. Cancel any time, we’ll remind you when your trial is almost over.

Included with each Centriq Insights Report is:

  • PDF of the Centriq Insights Report emailed to you and your client.
  • Lifetime access for your client to the Centriq service.
  • Lifetime safety recall monitoring for your client on the items added in their home (must activate their complimentary account)
  • Your branding on every page of the report and in the app
  • Your branded Centriq landing page  and other marketing materials
  • Free Priority Processing for up to 1 year
  • Free Pro Customer Support
  • Free Personalized Training
  • Zero spam to you or your customers! Unlike others in this industry, we do not share or sell your client’s personal information, or market a home warranty or other services to them.


Free reports during the first 30 days.  After the trial you will be billed for any properties that remain in your account minus 1 free property that we hope you will use on your personal home. We must have a credit card on file for you to redeem your free property.


Cancel any time.


*Trial is applicable for new users only.  Limit 50 items per property. 


If you prefer to share Centriq with your clients to stay top of mind and offer it as a closing gift, but you don’t want to add the items for them and you don’t want the report, create your account using the link above, and share away!!  You are only billed for generated reports.

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