All you need for every thing you own

from your furnace to your electric toothbrush

Manuals & Reminders

You scan your product model and Centriq delivers the specific user manual for your model, along with all the other documents you'd find in the box. Then, keep up to date with custom reminders.

Part & Accessories

Centriq has millions of parts, including the ones for your exact model. Just scan your product model and we'll tell you what fits.

Instructional Videos

Get the exact videos you need without wasting your time sifting through Google and YouTube. You tell Centriq the exact model and Centriq returns with all the relevant videos.

Warranty Records

Keep track of both manufacturer and extended warranties. Never wonder again if you are covered. Plus have quick access to your manufacturer contact information.

Also, don’t miss our support knowledge base with topics ranging from the real cost of homeownership, or helpful how to articles such as: how to check the gasket on your front loading washing machine, how to descale a humidifier, cleaning gutters, or cleaning your microwave grease filter (did you even know that microwaves have filters?!?)

One pic is all it takes

Just scan the product label on your appliances, electronics, tools, or anything else.


As long as we can see the brand and the model number, we will add the user manuals, warranties,  instructional videos, parts, accessories and more.


Personalize and group all your information to make it as unique as your home.


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