The intelligent family vault.

Digitally manage your home with one easy-to-use tool. Manuals, how to videos, links to parts, recall notifications, and the ability to catalog your whole home inventory including your electronics, appliances, yard equipment, receipts, warranties and so much more. Get CENTRIQ today to put your home maintenance in your hands. 

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Snap It. Solve It. Done!

Start with a picture of the product label or just type in the model number and Centriq automatically identifies the product.

Save Time, Money
and Headaches

Access the Largest Curated Collection of Product Support and Troubleshooting

The Centriq app quickly links you to everything you need to get your stuff up and running.

How-To Videos+Troubleshooting

Get the exact videos you need without wasting your time sifting through Google and YouTube.


Find and order parts from 1000s of brands.

Warranty Storage

Centriq stores the details. 

Keep track of your warranty information and maintain handy access to your manufacturer contact information for repairs.


Easy access to your model’s specific user manual and keep up to date with custom reminders.


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