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The Best Way to Manage Your Most Valuable Asset

Meet Centriq. The app that puts everything you need to troubleshoot, operate, and maintain all your appliances and more right at your fingertips.

Snap It. Solve It. Done!

Start with a picture of the product label or just type in the model number and Centriq automatically identifies the product.

All you need for every thing you own

from your furnace to your electric toothbrush

Reduce Paper Clutter

Manuals & Guides: You scan your product model and Centriq delivers the specific user manual for your model, along with all the other documents you'd find in the box. Toss those paper manuals and reduce the clutter.

Replace or Repair

Part & Accessories: Centriq can guide you to the correct replacement filter, batteries, or other parts that you need to keep your appliances and items running smoothly. We match your exact model number to the correct part from our database of millions. Just scan your product model and we'll tell you what fits.

Be Reminded

Maintenance Reminders: Centriq automatically creates a reminder for some items such as the replacement water filter for your fridge. Create your own custom reminders to stay on top of important maintenance and tasks.

Do It Yourself

Instructional Videos: Get the exact videos you need without wasting your time sifting through Google and YouTube. You tell Centriq the exact model and Centriq returns with all the relevant videos.

Know when you are Covered

Warranty Records: Keep track of both manufacturer and extended warranties. Never wonder again if you are covered. Plus, Centriq gives you quick access to your manufacturer contact information and the product registration site.

Track Your Purchases

Receipts & Purchasing Info: Centriq allows you to store the receipt for your purchases so that you know where to find it if you need it. You can also enter purchase date, purchase amount, installation date, installed by, and so on. Whatever information is relevant to your product, you can save it and find it again in Centriq.


Centriq adds it for you.

Easy access to the specific user manual for your models.  Keep up to date with custom reminders.


Centriq finds them.

Find and order parts from 1000s of brands, often with free shipping.

How-To Videos+Troubleshooting

Centriq adds it for you.


Get the exact videos you need without wasting your time sifting through Google and YouTube.

Warranty Storage

Centriq stores the details. 

Keep track of your warranty information and maintain handy access to your manufacturer contact information for repairs.

Anytime, Anywhere, on Any Device.

iOS, Android, Mac & Windows so you can access what you need from anywhere, and anyway you like.
Get started on your iOS or
Android device.
Access your stuff on you Mac or
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All the Features in Centriq


Centriq makes it easy to get manuals, parts, accessories and other information about your things. All you have to do is send us a product label photo - we do the rest.

Never scan another document, search for a folder, or dig around in a messy drawer for a manual again! Centriq automatically provides all of the information you need.


Use Centriq on your tablet, laptop, or desktop computer.

You can add photos, videos, documents and new items using drag and drop from your computer into the app. This also means that the same app works in the same way on all platforms (iOS, Android, Windows).


Add a task with a reminder to any item in the app. We do this for you for refrigerator filters, but for anything else, simply open the item, go to MY TASKS and add any task that you want. You will receive a mobile notification and email when the task is due!

Review your list of scheduled and upcoming tasks by selecting "Tasks" from the menu.



Tap the plus button on the home screen to add any type of content: Items, photos, videos, receipts, documents, notes, groups, service providers, or a new address/property.

  • Store important documents or receipts by taking a picture or uploading an image or file from your device.
  • Use notes to store any information about your items, including clickable links to websites or videos.
  • Record live video directly to the app.


Whether on the web app or the mobile app, Centriq does not require your address to sign up, only a zip/postal code. In order to take advantage of advanced features later, we may follow up and ask for an address. But it is not needed for you to explore the application.


Add your own parts, web links, documents, notes or photos for an item and share it with other's in the Centriq community who own the same thing.


Select "Export My Inventory" from the menu at any time to request a report of everything you have added in the app.


Open any item in the app and scroll to the bottom to the My Purchase Details section. Here you can add the store name,purchase date, shipping, installation, and warranty information for your item.


We derive the age and expected life from the serial number. 

If your serial number isn't captured during normal processing, you can enter it along with the manufacturing date by tapping on the pencil icon it the item detail screen.

The app will calculate the age and expected life for you based on this information.


Move items, photos, videos, documents, notes and receipts between groups, and between items. The ability to move items or content between properties is a feature that will be coming soon.

You can also re-arrange the items in groups and the groups that appear on the home screen.


Whenever we complete a new item that you added to Centriq, or new information is added to your items, we send you an email and a mobile notification to let you know about the changes to your account.

We also send you mobile notifications and an email if one of your items can not be identified or if it is recalled.

Content at any Level

Add photos, videos, documents, notes and receipts to a main section related to the whole property, a group, or by individual item. Do you have a property appraisal? Add it to My Property Documents. Invoice for kitchen cabinets? Add it to My Kitchen Documents... and so on.


When you have a hard time finding the product label on an item, the product label is in a hard-to-reach place, or if you just know the manufacturer and model number and want to type it in rather than taking a photo of the item, you can type this in to fields in the app and submit to our service for processing.

If the manufacturer/model number combination are already in our database, the item contents are returned instantly.


When you create a new account, Centriq automatically populates your home screen and the groups with suggestions of what you can add in Centriq. This will give you lots of great ideas of what kinds of things we will send back valuable manuals, parts, and videos to support.


Our robust safety recall feature makes it easy to know if you or your family are at risk from any of the products in your home.

Each year almost 50,000 fires are caused by defective products, and millions of products get recalled for the risk of fire. However, most people don’t know if anything they own has been recalled — unless you use Centriq.

We’ll track recalls for anything you add to Centriq and notify you as soon as a recall is issued. Quite the life saver, literally.


  • Share the details of your item using a link that you can text, email or send using any share options on your device.
  • Share documents or images into the app from other sources using the share options on your device.
  • Photos and videos added in the app are also stored on your phone's photo roll.

Please visit our Help and FAQ section for more information.


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