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Welcome! You’re about to get your hands on the most exciting tool for your business: the one place for everything in a home. From user manuals to recall alerts and maintenance reminders, Centriq has it all.



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Fundamentals of Using Centriq on Home Inspections

  • Close and reopen the mobile app if you run into any issue. You can always also complee the same processes in the web app.

  • Upload product label images from your device photo roll.  That is all you have to do.

  • You do not have to add the category to items when you add them.

  • Centriq reviews the items before sending the report.  We have automated processes to validate the category, remove duplicates, and to otherwise review the report content for quality.

  • Transfer the property to trigger the property report creation.

  • You do not have to wait for items to complete processing to release the property to the client.

Tutorial Series

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. The inspector populates the Centriq account with the nameplate photos captured during the inspection. 
  2. The inspector transfers the Centriq account to the client by using the in app transfer feature and sending it to the client’s email. 
  3. The transfer initiates the creation of the property recall report report.  
    The report may take up to 24 hours to complete and send to the client.  
    Meanwhile, the transfer email is immediately sent to the client.  
    The client has the option to accept the transfer, or not.
  4. When the property recall report is ready it is triggered to sendto the client via email with a link to download.  The client DOES NOT have to accept the transfer to access the report, however if the client also accepts the Centriq account, the report is stored in the app under My Property Documents.
  5. The inspector receives an email with the report at the time that it is sent to the client. You have access via the same link to the downloadable PDF.If you need to share the report with anyone else, such as the agent, you can forward this email to them. 

If you need to manually enter the manufacturer and model number for items, you can still tap the Add icon and the select the button to “Type Manually”, and type the information in the fields.  


To capture the serial number after manually entering an item, you can Edit the item after it is added. This is done by opening that item, tapping the pencil icon, and then typing the serial number in the field. 

After loading up the property with nameplates, you trigger the report by transferring the property to the client (or to your alternate email address if you are testing).

Next, the items on the property report are reviewed and then it is triggered to send the email as a separate step. ​

See the FAQ topic “How do I transfer a property?” for more detail.

Yes. You can transfer the property as soon as you finish uploading all of the pictures.  The report won’t be sent to your client until all of the items have been processed. 


The report is typically emailed to your client within 48 hours.  

Click here to locate your share link within the app. You can include the link in emails, text, a newsletter, and so on. Simply give your personalized link to anyone who you’d like to share the app with. They will see your branding if they sign up with your link.

If you tried to get a good product label for a product, but it couldn’t be identified, you can try to correct it, delete it from the account before transferring, or go ahead and leave it in the account.  

Your clients will receive the following emails and communications:

  • When you transfer the property they receive an email prompting them to accept it and create an account. 
  • When we send the property report, they receive an email letting them know it is available with a download link. 
  • If they begin to add their own things in the app, they receive an email whenever something new is confirmed as complete. 
  • If anything that is in their account is changed or new information is added, they receive an email on Saturday only as a “digest” of what is new. 

Overall, we try to keep our emails to your clients to a minimum, but we also want to engage with them and get them back to the app so that they remember to use it.

Your clients are receiving the Centriq Plus version of the app which allows for adding more items, includes ongoing recall check (if they choose to continue to add more items than what you add in the inspection), and a number of other features. We will have website pages up to compare the various versions within a few weeks. 

Once their free subscription period ends, Centriq will let them know that it is expiring and will offer them the opportunity to renew.  We will not have any credit card information from them, so we can not, and won’t, charge them automatically. 

If the client chooses not to renew, they can keep their existing inventory in the free version of the app. 


Plus App Features: 

  • Cost $59.95/year (free to P2P clients)
  • Add up to 75 items. 
  • Access to an additional property report. (1/year)
  • Ability to add tasks/reminders in the app
  • Priority item processing and content.
  • Ongoing recall monitoring


The Property Recall Report is sent to your client via email with a link to download.  This is separate from the Centriq app.

The client DOES NOT have to accept the Centriq account transfer to access the report, however, if they also accept the Centriq account, the report is stored in the app under My Property Documents.

Create as many properties as you’d like and add as many things as you’d like.

You are only charged when you transfer a property with items in it to someone else.  You are paying for the recall report, not for using the app.

Transferring an empty property to someone does not trigger a report or a charge. So on your plus inspections, you can transfer your clients an empty property and tell them to add their own things. No charge. All transfers will carry your brand in their app.


Use the personalized link created when you set up your account to share the app with others without doing a transfer.  You can find your link in the app here.


If you are in Canada, you will be billed from the US with the billing converted to Canadian currency. 


You have a variety of ways to add items in Centriq.  If you use the basic adding workflow of adding each item one at a time by nameplate into the correct group, it will take you about 30 – 60 seconds per item. 

If you choose a workflow where you add all of the images on your device photo roll and then upload the images all to the app as a batch, the entire process should take you about 5 – 10 seconds per item. 

Yes.  As part of your offering, you are giving your clients access to Centriq Plus.  They can add more items from their home to expand and complete their home inventory and to also have ongoing recall monitoring on relevant items. 

There is no limit to the number of items or the types of items that can be added in Centriq for the inspection.   However, the guideline from Pillar to Post is to add approx 6 items, the main appliances and systems, and then to use your discretion on adding more based on the size of the home and the magnitude of the inspection. 

At this time the app can only use one camera.  If you need to switch cameras for better accessibility to take the photo, you can add the image to your photo roll and then upload it into the app later. 

Add the images to your photo roll and then upload them into the app when you have connectivity. 

We know that Recall Check only requires the brand and model to check for recalls.  This is sufficient information for Centriq too, but the Centriq Property Recall Report can also provide the manufacturing date, expected life, and an estimated remaining useful life on items for your clients IF you also capture the serial number for items added during your inspection. 

Delete a property by completing the following steps: 

Access the My Properties page to change or correct a property address that is entered in Centriq.  

  1. Click the address at the top of the Home screen.
    The My Properties screen opens.
  2. Click the Manage Properties button.  
    The screen goes into Edit mode.
  3. Click the arrow next to the address that you want to modify.  
  4. Make any changes needed, or click the Delete button to permanently remove the address.
    Note, if you delete the address, you will delete any items or other content that you have added to that address. 



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